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Bow Legs Productions

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Here They Come!
Written by Joanne Margate
Soul Line Dancer

Move forward R-L-R … turn left on two counts and
Repeat this sequence 4 times ( making a square ending up where you started)
Two suke (shaneeka) leaning right   two suke left     turn right 
 one suke leaning right and turn left to where you started and do another suke
 (cross)with right foot cross left  ex R-L-R tap and move right foot sideways to left turning to right and repeat back to where you started 

Skate forward R-L and right cuff
L-R    L cuff
Go back  L-R Left cuff
R-L    criss-cross feet  (no cuff)

2 tap right up    2 tap right back
Moving left  1-2-3-4-5   1-2right over left 3-4 right behind left 5
Tap left lift and repeat 1-2-3-4-5 on opposite foot moving right

Tap left Kick turn to right

Two Jesse’s    left then right  ex. Left  out in out in repeat right
(One Jesse means left foot out and in then right foot out      and in)
Go into Sha-ron…step with right foot and make turn to left kick left foot and step back with right then right up 1-2 

Continue with the right up 1-2 or slide 1-2-1-2- stop turn to left 
Do three in one direction then turn and end up where you started and begin dance again! 

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